VOIP Assessment

Is your business ready for VoIP?

Initiate the assessment below to know the network quality to support multiple calls (up to 1000) and the expected voice quality.

Before running this test, download and install the BCS. Once installed click here to ensure the BCS is running correctly. Once that is succesful fill out the form below and click the Start Assessment button to begin the test.

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  • Please do not use any special charactors in the form, If you do you will get an error and will be be able to proceed
  • Some network devices such as firewalls can interfere with test results.
  • Choose the number of simultaneous calls that your business is expected to handle during peak hour.
  • We will need your name and number if you call our sales or support teams who can locate your test results and advise you further if necessary.
Color Codes Measurement Metrics Sound Quality at the receiving end
Packet Loss MOS Score
Green ‹5 ‹=100 ‹ 0.1% › 3.8 Perfect-to-Fair
Yellow 5+ to 20- 100 to 200 0.1+% to 1% 3.5 to 3.8 Annoying-to-Very-Annoying
Red 20+ 200+ ›1% ‹ 3.5 Impossible to Communicate
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